Friday, 8 January 2010

A Risky Strategy (Removing Stains from Patent Shoes)

I have been sorting out all my shoes, polishing, repairing and throwing some out or donating them to charity, trying to make room for my sales purchases. I have even cut up a pair of green patent pumps that I have worn to death with the idea of using the green patent and green leather lining in another as yet undecided project. Anyway I have a pair of yellow patent shoes. They only go with one outfit but I love that dress so I wanted them to get to keep their place in my wardrobe but they had some strange brown stains on that no amount of rubbing could get rid of. Then I had a brain wave, nail varnish remover! I just rubbed a tiny bit over the stain and it came right off. It is a risky strategy. Rubbing nail varnish remover over patent leather just seems like a recipe for disaster. I did think that the patent might discolour or even melt right off but they seem fine. I have since done the same thing with a pair of black and a pair of red patent shoes and they too are stain free and just fine. I do wipe the polish off with water as soon as the stain has gone. Feel free to try this if you dare, but please don’t blame me if it all goes wrong. I did say it is risky. Best to try with a pair of shoes you were going to throw out. I’m going to keep using this method. Will be sure to let you know if it all goes wrong.

p.s. Have since done a quick google search on this and it turns out that quite a lot of people have successfully used this method to remove stains on patent leather. It did ruin the finish on a few though.

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