Thursday, 25 February 2010

Totally Unnecessary Additions to my Stash

Hit up my local charity shops a couple of weeks ago and came back with all this stuff I didn't really need.

Tapes 20p each - I intend to use one to create retro tape prints on a plain white tee I'm going make and the other I was going to wear as a necklace but mother said it looked really chavy. I don't know pictures maybe be coming soon. I love how tapes are retro now. I used to have a tape player. I used to buy tapes! I feel old.
Leaf Brooch £2 - I just liked this. Considering trying to take the brooch back off and make it a necklace alla Sadie @ Sadie's Wardrobe
No idea what I am going to do with the rest.
Blue Buttons 20p for each card
Green Buttons 15p for the card
Sequin Appliques £2 for four
Strech Lace Trim £1.75 for 3m

Green Fabric a single duvet cover £2.50 - No idea what I am going to do with this but I love green and it was such as interesting print I couldn't pass it up.
Pink Fabric 52x70" £2.85 - Hopefully going to be a high waisted skirt. I need something to wear with this velvet jacket and I think a short gathered pink high waisted skirt may be just the thing. if there is enough material I also hope to use it to make either the marie skirt from burdastyle or the bodice of this dress.
Blue Fabric a king duvet cover £2 - I'm feeling girly floral summer dresses with demin jackets.

Light Pink Double Sheet £3.50
Dark Pink Sheet £2.95 - This was priced as a single sheet but when I got home I found out it was a double. Was probably a little too exicited by this.
Hoping to make some pretty dresses, maybe some with open backs or cut outs, with these.

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