Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Soo Much to Post...

Can't believe I forgot to post these. Pictures from my last day at Center Parcs (ever, hopefully!)

The snow in the car park the night before and the reason I was 2 hours late on my last day.

The 'Global Cake' I baked for everyone. Was very good if I do say so myself! Though not an acturate portrayal of the globe, it's a little imperialist.

My parting gift, Cheeky Ray, complete with passport. I had to promise to take him with me and picture him in exotic places. The girls (and David) also kindly contributed to my fundraising efforts.

I promised to post this charity shop find AGES go, but I was being lazy and I haven't really figured out how to wear it yet. I'm not sure about this combo with jeans and shirt. It did make an interesting silhouette though and I wanted to wear it before I went away. Mainly just so I could post it.

Close up of the jacket done up. As you can see it is a bit of a squeeze. I picked it up for just £4.50. I loved the sleeves. Only thing I have done to it is take out the shoulder pads which were falling out anyway. We reckon it was designed as an 80's evening jacket to go with a ballgown or cocktail dress. Was made in England by a company called Nightingales (an Irony one or two of my special readers might understand).

My sewing efforts for today and the last for a while. The old curtains one day skirt. Makes a lovely knee lenght conservative skirt when worn on the waist...

But with a little strategic folding and the help of a studded belt I think can be funked up a bit. Don't know why I'm looking kinda tanned in these pictures. I'm as pale as ever.

And finally perhaps the best postcard ever. Thank you A x

Thats me done for today. Going to watch the new Gossip Girl finally!


Anonymous said...

Well well well, ain't Blogger just full of surprises? - (Luscinia megarhynchos)

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Anonymous said...

No need to apologise, I'm not fluent in Latin either.

CatFish said...

'Sorry?' was meant to communicate that I have no idea what you're talking about.