Monday, 8 March 2010

Charity Shopping Spree

Just before my Wardrobe Refashion pledge started I went on a spree around the charity shops of my university town. Here I present my finds.

Brooch from Sense, £1. I like how the portrait doesn't look like a traditional European lady but Indian maybe instead.

Mens grey jumper from the PDSA, £3. I was going to refashion this into a cardigan but when I tried it on I actually liked it as it was.

Marks & Spencer polka dot dress £4 from Sense. I've already taken the shoulder pads out and I'm going to shorten it. I might try and do something with the sleeves. I haven't decided if I'm brave enough yet. Never done sleeves.

Skirt £1.50 from Sense. Obviously it is far too big for me but I really liked the floral fabric. Going to totally remake it. It will be gathered onto a high waistband and shortened.

The best thing about my spree is that one charity shop in aid of Arthritis Research was having a special one day sale in which all clothing was £1. I rushed around picking up all sorts of stuff that I liked the look of. Surprsingly to me most of it actually fitted when I tried it on back at home and doesn't need that much refashioning.

Skirt originally from River Island. I'm guessing it must be pretty old as there is no way River Island would be seen dead selling this nowdays. I love the print, so into girly florals at the moment, the high waist and the pearly buttons. All it needs to be perfect is a much shorter hemline. I don't know what I'll do with the fabric I take off.

Awful long elasticated Laura Ashley skirt. I liked the patterned silk fabric though, close up below. I'm going to try and turn it into a shift dress.

Another skirt that just needs a shorter hemline. I love the pleated swingy goodness of it. Just look at now it is moving in the photo.

Large black lace shirt. I haven't decided yet whether to refashion this or leave it as is.

Polka dot top. I don't like the neckline of this top. Going to try and refashion it into a vest I hope.

Floral shirt originally from Next. I so want to make a high waisted demin pair of shorts or skirt to wear with this.

Beige cardigan originally BHS. This is my take on the boyfriend cardigans that are around at the moment. Loose fitting but it doesn't come down to my thighs which can be really unflattering on my pear shape and the pearly buttons girlify it. Already worn this for a Sunday lunch with the family.

Oh I forgot the jeans in these photos are a new pair of straight legs from Gap. Love them. More flattering than skinnies I think. Bought before the pledge started obviously.

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