Saturday, 6 March 2010

Week One Refashions

Got off to a reasonably good start with my pledge. First I dug out this dress I made from the Burdastyle Anda pattern back in March last year. I always felt it was a bit frumpy and I didn't like the sleeves which were too long. To refashion it I took some length off the hem and shortened the shoulder seams by adding some thin elastic about half the length of the seams to gather them up. It's still not perfect. If I make this pattern again I am definitely going to try to reduce the size of the bodice and do something with the sleeves.

Close up of the gathering on the shoulder seams.

I think it looks better when the pattern is broken up with a belt.

My second refashion was a knee length dress from River Island. I got it in a sale and loved its details but the length was very unflattering on me. I forgot to take a before picture but remembered as I was cutting the hem so decided to take a picture then to show how much length I was taking off.


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Lily said...

Hi Catherine!
Great refashions. Hahaha I'm sooo with you on not bothering with the hair and make up. I have to take so many bloody photos to find one in which I don't have terrible photoface. I think I should start cutting my head off too.

Can't wait to see more of your creations. :)