Sunday, 14 March 2010

Week Two Refashions

Three very quick and easy refashions this week. Yep even easier than rehemming two dresses last week.

I bought this skirt in a bazaar in Kazakhstan. It was very cheap and that was reflected in the construction. It lasted out my Kazakh summer, just, but by the time I got it home all the shirring at the waist was starting to unravel.

We have an appearance by my cat Tippy in this photo. She is 15 this year.

To fix it I cut off the old shirred waistband and created a new elasticated one. It makes the skirt shorter but I can live with that.

Perhaps not strictly a wardrobe refashion but a refashion none the less and jewellery is as much a part of a girls wardrobe as clothes are as far as I'm concerned. This necklace was a gift which I loved but found difficult to wear because of the length. It was one of those necklaces were the pendant keeps disappearing down your cleavage.

I took my wire cutters to it and after adding jump rings to the rose and the other pendant I have three necklaces!

Finally one of those jersey necklaces/scarf everyone has been making. I roughly followed this tutorial on Cut Out and Keep. The material is the bottom of this previous t-shirt refashion.

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bored london gurl said...

beautiful skirt and your cat is gorgeous :)