Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Shoe Refashions

This week I went to town with a black permanent marker to refashion some shoes.

I forgot to take a before picture (again) but previously the now black parts around the sole of these trainers were white. Over time and wear they had turned to a nasty orange/brown colour. I would normally have just thrown them away but I bought these shoes when I was in Australia when I was 17 and they hold some good memories. Plus they are super comfortable. The black parts are a bit too shiny at the moment but I hope they will tone down with wear.

My favourite pair of party shoes. They are surprisingly comfortable for their height although I can't last the night in them like I used to, need more practice! Sadly after a few scrapes the metal on the heels was showing a lot of wear with unsightly copper bits showing.

So out came the black marker. I thought it would rub straight off the metal but it has stayed on perfect, even in the rain. I am feeling rather pleased with myself.

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