Saturday, 27 March 2010

Week Four Refashions

Other than the shoes I posted earlier in the week there are none :(
I was struck down by a flu type virus mid week and then progress on the job search front, i.e. I got one, meant that I've spent the rest of the week reading contracts and independence policies. I do have a number of small unfinished projects languishing in a heap in my room which I hope to finish next week. The good news is that once I'm done with all this paperwork the job doesn't start until September so I should have loads of free time for sewing and crafting, and, oh yeah, relocating. I am flying the nest! My new job won't be taking me too far away. In fact the mothership is calling me home yet again. I shall be returning to Essex. Birth place, family seat, university county and Global Xchange location. I shall never escape.

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