Monday, 22 March 2010


I nearly broke my pledge but I was strong. I wore out my gorgeous new bow tights for the first time on Saturday night. They are quite thin so I was pretty careful with them then guess what I laddered them taking them off! I was so gutted I nearly bought a new pair online straight away but then I thought of my pledge and had second thoughts. Should I really spend £8 on a pair of tights that on average so far I get one wear out of? No, I thought. Instead I'm going to attempt to salvage the unladdered parts and make some little knee length socks. I don't know if it will work.

Image from Top Shop
They are soo pretty though. I may get some if they are still around once the pledge is up. This image is from Top Shop although I bought mine from Dorothy Perkins, all the high street shops seem to be stocking them at the moment.

On a similar note I am really into tights at the moment. I have my little phases. I foresee something of a tights spree once the pledge is up (told you that I wasn't exactly taking it in the right spirt). Here's a few on the shopping list.

Image from tatto socks on esty
Peacock feather tattoo tights from tattoo socks on esty. Just discovered this shop and I love all their designs but I think this one is my favourite.

Image from
Henry Holland for Pretty Polly Graduated Tights from

Image from
Emilio Cavallini Contrast Seam & Heel Tights, the white with black contrast seam of course, from

Image from
Jonathan Aston Silhouette Stripe Tights also from I imagine these are super sliming.

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Minnie Burton said...

Wow those tattoo tights are fabulous! I want!

Loving the blog!