Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dating My Vintage Patterns

Thanks so much to Beccy over at wipster who wrote a whole post in answer to my question about dtaing vintage patterns and also to Mena at The Sew Weekly who helped answer my question. Please check out their blogs sometime. I hadn't realised quite how much about pattern dating was guess work if you can't find a copyright date on the pattern. Armed with their advice I set about searching the internet and found this really useful resource. The site has general information on dating patterns including style and sizing as well as examples of the pattern envelopes for the major pattern companies across the decades so that you can compare them with yours. The fruits of my labour are shown below. On some of my patterns I was lucky enough to find a date, these are listed first.

Simplicity 8197 © 1969

Simplicity 6392 © 1982

Style 3488 © 1981

Butterick 4913
No date and I couldn't find the pattern listed by anyone else online but Butterick started using these block letters on the envelope in 1979 so the pattern is 1980s.

Burda 6278
I could find very little information about the collection speciale range of patterns online. The ebay seller I bought this from listed the pattern as 1980s but I found another collection speciale pattern listed by a different online seller as 1990s. From the style my guess is that this pattern is 1980s.

Butterick 4736
The ebay seller listed this pattern as 1970/80s but given the block lettering this pattern is 1980s. Perhaps early 1980s?

Simplicity 4257
Spent so much time of this one. The pattern is listed by online sellers as 1960s, 1950s and 1953. The design of the pattern envelope ran from 1959 to 1965 and the sizing, 32" bust for a size 12, dates the pattern between 1956 and 1967. I took a look at other vintage simplicity patterns from the same era and assuming that the pattern numbers run in order dated the pattern as c.1962. Eventually I found the pattern listed on vintagepatterns.wikia dated c.1962! I felt very proud of myself.

Style 836
This is the one I'm having the most trouble with so I've included pictures of the envelope front and back to see if anyone can help me out. The pattern is unprinted. The envelope design isn't any particular help as style appears to be a small British company that no longer exists and I couldn't find a lot to compare it with. I found a few patterns with similar envelope designs listed as 1940s though these had warnings about rationing of fabric on the back and the style of the dress is not 1940s. The sizing too is not much help as the envelope does not list the size the measurements correspond to. All I have to go on is the dropped waist dress, hem length and hair styles. With that I guess this pattern is mid 1950s.

If anyone has any more thoughts or information about the pattern above or any of the others please leave a comment or e-mail me at my new blog dedicated e-mail address I would be really greatful.
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