Monday, 19 April 2010

Week Seven Refashions

I bought this blue jumper, seen here, from a charity shop around christmas time. I thought that the beading was christmasy, which it was, I wore it to our christmas family gathering but post christmas it wasn't getting a lot of wear so I took all the beading off with my trusty stitch unpick and now I have a plain electric blue jumper. I put in a blue hair piece, just seen in my pony tail, to match. Probably should have like brushed my hair and put some make up on or something before taking a picture.

Jumper Originally charity shop, Refashioned by Me
Jeggings Dorothy Perkins
Necklace 'Peas in a Pod' Made by Me, to feature in a up coming jewellery post
Hair Piece Claire's Accessories

Still haven't finshed the top I was working on last week. Life has been getting in the way of sewing recently. With under 2 weeks left of my Wardrobe Refashion pledge I can't see myself achieving my aim of reducing my stash in any significant way, especially with all the old floral sheets and duvet covers I keep picking up in charity shops. The pledge has however given me the opportunity to reflect on my shopping and consumption habits. Shopping is definitely a bigger part of my life than I had realised. In fact I cheated a little this week buying underwear and shoes on a shopping trip with my best friend as those items are 'allowed'.

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