Sunday, 17 January 2010

More Charity Shop Finds

I've been charity shopping again! It is guilt free shopping for me. I get to satisfy for my hunger for new clothes but while helping out a good cause and without spending a fortune. Here is a collection of my recent finds dating from before Christmas. This time I actually managed to keep the receipts so no more guesstimating the prices.

First Avenue sequined top £4.80. It's a size 16 so too big for me but I reckon it looks okay and I couldn't pass up those sequins. It had a small hole in the front that I tried to fix with a small piece of interfacing. Unfortunately the shiny glue then showed through the front of the top so I found myself dabbing fabric paint all over it to try and cover it up. It worked more or less. Wearing with pink high heeled pumps that I picked up in the sales from Jones ♥

A close up of the sequin detail. Huberta models.

Gold necklace £2. I was feeling a lack of gold jewellery in my wardrobe.

Laura Ashley medium velvet dress £7.99. This one is definitely a refashioning project. I want to make it a mini dress and then do... something... with the bit I will have cut off. Maybe make a tight fitting skirt? It is also a little big but not so big that I want to risk ruining it by ineptly trying to take it in. I am loving velvet so much right now. I hope that it is still in fashion by the time I get round to doing this. It is clearly not a summer dress. Perhaps I should move it up my to do list.

Top Secret blue jumper £2.99. Not 100% sure why I bought this jumper. I liked the colour and I thought that the beaded pattern was Christmasy. I did wear it to the family Christmas gathering but I'm not sure if it will get another outing before next Christmas.

Etam patterned shift dress £3.99. This is the way the shift dresses I make should fit but they don't. Wearing with a necklace I made myself using different sizes of safety pins (I had a lot left over from this project).

Peacocks faux leather jacket £4.45. Anyone who has been following this blog for a while might well think 'but you already have a leather jacket' and they would be right. This jacket though lacks the band of ribbing around the bottom that the other possesses and which has the annoying result of pulling in any article of clothing that I'm wearing when I want to do the jacket up.

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