Monday, 24 May 2010

Henry Holland for Pretty Polly Tights

Jacket Donated by my Mother
Dress Warehouse
Tights Henry Holland for Pretty Polly via ASOS
Shoes New Look
Vintage locket from my Nan

As always I was seriously behind everyone else on this trend but I don't care. I LOVE these tights. I wore the above outfit on a night out for a friends birthday. Sadly their awesomeness was totally wasted on the locals. I also tried to wear this outfit to the London Science Museum for my birthday day out but my mother said it was inappropriate. She was probably right, there were a lot of young families there.


Me Again (Kate) said...

I'm not sure if i like them...
i mean they are way sexy.... but maybe too sexy? is that possible??
Im just not sure, something doesnt look right, maybe the dress is too girly/innocent/cute and the tights are just so naughty!!
PS. You look stunning in the photo.You've done ur makeup and hair REALLY nice (not that you usually look like a mess, u just look particularly good!) xxx

Felix Ford said...


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