Friday, 21 May 2010

Simplicity 6392 © 1982

I think we will put this one down to experience. My first attempt at sewing from one of my vintage patterns, Simplicity 6392 that I posted about here. The only changes I made to the pattern were to shorten the skirt and remove the strap across the back. The construction went quite well except that despite using all the same seam allowances the skirt did not fit the bodice so I had to un pick the skirt side seams and redo them but everything looks pretty neat and well made, even the pleats which were my first ever try with the technique. Problem is that is doesn't fit very well. It was always going to be quite a loose fit as it is a pull over dress, but I just don't think that the style really suits me. I like to emphasise my waist. If I weren't such a lazy and impatient sewer I would have tried to fix this problem when it first became apparent, after I had cut out the pieces and pinned them to my dress form. I would have added darts and a zipper, but I am lazy and impatient so I decided to sew the pattern as is and see what I ended up with. What I ended up with was a pretty much a dark green sack with a low back that I can't see myself wearing beyond hot summer days when I'm not planning on leaving the house. Well anyway here's a load of pictures that don't really do it's badness justice.

My cat is wondering what the hell I am doing.

I can't decide if adding a waist belt improves matters or if there is just too much fabric in the dress and/or it is too short to make it work.

Your feedback is as always very welcome.


Callipygian said...

I really like the back. The belt does improve matters. Maybe tights would too, for more of a monochromatic line?

Manecoarse said...

Wow. I think this dress looks great, especially with the belt.

Kate said...

I love it with the belt! The length is good for summer beach visits and picnics
and i think would also look good with thick tights in autumn as the green and brown are very autumn colours
Not keen on it without the belt, it makes u look like u have no shape, when u actually do!!