Thursday, 10 June 2010

To Dye or Not To Dye; That is the Question

OR My Hair Over The Years in Pictures

How it started.

Before the first dye.

At 16 high school ended and I dyed my naturally light golden brown/dark blonde hair a shade of light blonde. Clairol nice 'n easy no. 102 natural light ash blonde to be exact.

Leaving sixth form behind I felt like a change, plus the blonde was savaging my hair, and at 18 I dyed my hair brown. It went an odd green shade (no pictures of that) so I had to dye it a red toned brown to sort it out.

Later in the year I went black

and then dark brown.

In fact going through my pictures I went through A LOT of different browns or it might just be that the colour faded quickly. Which it did.

I last dyed my hair some time in 2007 age 20. The dark brown quickly faded to a light brown and grew out without anyone really noticing, see following host of facebook profile pictures.

A summer spent in Kazakhstan in 2009 and my natural highlights returned leaving me with a natural colour that I like a lot.

I think it suits my skin tone well. Yet I find my self itching for the bottle again. I just want to be a little blonder. It really depends on the light as to whether my hair looks blonde or brown. I want there to be no doubt. I've considered highlights but I can't justify the expense of getting them done and my roots retouched at a salon and I already have a lot of natural high lights so I'm leaning towards an all over colour. Not as blonde as 16 year old me. Perhaps a medium blonde? What do you guys think?


Karin said...

I'm trying to stop adding hightlights to my hair at the moment... so I totally get your situation!
I think you look really good in both your natural colour, brown hair, and with highlights. Highlights are great, but I agree with your thoughts about the cost, and I've found that even if I have them dyed blond rather than bleached, they really ruin the quality of my hair.
There used to be a spray that you could activate with a hairdryer or the sun, that blecahed the hair gently, a little at the time, much like natural highlights. I used it all the time as a teenager, I think I'll pick it up again, my hair was actually healthier then than now, when I only get salon-treatments!
Lemon or salty water (you can mix salt + water and rinse the hair with it) in the sun works too.
Back to basics!

Callipygian said...

I really like your natural color, and also the dark brown from the picture in the green tank tank.

Trisha said...

Your natural color is beautiful! I also will spritz lemon juice on my hair and then lay out in the sun. It lightens a little naturally.

Catherine said...

Thanks for your advice everyone. I'll stay away from the bottle for now. Got to try and spend more time out in the sum this summer!