Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Crop Top

I sewed this top in a rush the day before I went on holiday as I decided that I wanted a crop top. It ended up shorter than I planned so I only feel comfortable wearing it with high waisted stuff, otherwise there is just way too much flesh on show. That and our cheap flights and 15kg baggage allowance meant that in the end I didn't actually pack it, favouring shorts and strapless tops as my casual outfits. Not only was I short on time but I was also short on material so this top actually has seams down the front and back as well as at the sides. If anyone notices I'll pretend it's a deliberate design feature. I used my self made pattern, also seen here and here, but made is shorter (obviously) and reduced the width of the pattern.

Top Made by Me
Skirt Warehouse, I need more clothes with pockets. These are so useful.
Bracelets a bazaar in Kazakhstan
Ring reproduction vintage ring from Fidra
Watch DKNY, 21st birthday present
Shoes Carvela via House of Fraser, I got these on sale and they are my new favourite shoes. They were the only pair of heels that I took on holiday. They go wth everything.

This last picture should really be an outtake, it looks like I'm just wandering off smiling insanely at the sky, but I like it. Also, I notice that I hardly look tanned from my week in the sun. I can assure you that I am tanned. I would show you my tan lines but it would get kind of indecent.


April said...

When it doubt, say it was part of the design :) anyway, you have no idea how much I adore this outfit, and now I want to go home and make a crop top right now, and find shoes just like that and put them with a skirt just like that and basically look just like you....except that's creepy so maybe i'd change up the color or

ANYWAY, amazing outfit and GREAT top

Catherine said...

Lol, thanks! I kind of stole this idea myself from a girl I saw in a club wearing a crop top with a high waisted skirt. I'm sure you would make this outfit much more colourful, in a good way. I wear too much black.

verychiclist said...

Simple and adorable look!lovely blog :-)