Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Made to a Sound Track

News Flash, I sewed Jersey! It was so much easier than I expected. Left me wondering what all the fuss was about. My machine didn't like it too much though. It kept skipping stitches.

I based the pattern off a t-shirt I already own, seen in this post.Then it was just a case of sewing up the side seams, hemming the bottom, sleeves and neckline and adding the prints. I finished it in one day.

The print is an old cassette tape you may remember from this post painted with a mix of black and white fabric paint to make grey then printed onto the shirt. I put a towel underneath the fabric to give a softer base so that I would get a clearer print of the tape. Sadly this was not an original idea of mine but inspired by this tutorial on cut out and keep.

Will definitely be making many more variations of this t-shirt.

T-Shirt Made by Me
Jeans Refashioned by Me, originally
New Look (seen here)
Shoes Dorothy Perkins

I originally made it this long but I didn't think that the length worked with the print so I cut about 10cm off the bottom.

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Su said...

Hello, love the shirt. Came over from WR.
About skipping stitches, try using a new needle and see if that doesn't change things.