Thursday, 30 September 2010

McCall's 5647 © 1991

Dropped the song titles as post titles idea already. It's just not always appropriate.

The charity shop where I previously found some vintage sewing patterns (see the post here) had another basket load in. They were just 50p each. I bought six! Which was pretty much every one that was in my size, I'm still not confident/bothered enough to do grading.

With these and grandma's stash to go through it is taking me quite a while to date the patterns and check that all the pieces are present and correct so I'll most likely be posting them one at a time.

This one was easy to date, The copyright date was on the envelope! I love the big swing coat, which was mainly what I bought it for but I also like the simple skirt and trousers. The top looks cute in the drawing with the skirt but looking at the pattern pieces I think it would actually be really large and shapeless so I'll probably give that one a miss.

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