Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hand Made Christmas Year Two

I know I'm super late with this. My blog has really been going to the dogs lately and I'm getting kind of sick with starting every post with an apology so I'm not going to anymore. I'll post when I post, no apologies. Anyway, remember how last year I tried to have an 'ethical' christmas? If not read about it here, here, and here. This year I did buy alot of my presents (yes, I tend to be more 'ethical' when I am sort of cash) but I still decided to hand make or bake presents for some of my friends and family.

The necklace below was a gift for a friend. I think my jewellery making has come a long way from sticking bits of puzzle together last year.

I also made necklaces for three other friends and my nanny (grandmother) but I didn't actually finish them all or have any wrapped until New Years Eve when I was due to hand them over and in the rush I forgot to take pictures. The necklace I made for one of my best friends was a shorter version of this one because we are like peas in a pod :) Another was a version of this necklace using a heart charm instead of a locket. For the third friend I made a version of this necklace minus the bow using bronze chain and the bronze coloured pearls from a necklace in this post and it was much shorter, so totally different really. For my nanny I made her a long gold necklace with this charm from the bead shop. She had a stroke around a year ago and lost the feeling in her fingers so she can no longer work the clasps on necklaces and can only wear ones that she can put over her head.

My aunts, uncles and cousin were again 'treated' to my home baking. This year I made oat cookies (though they came out hard more like biscuits) in plain, raisin and dark chocolate chip.

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