Saturday, 22 January 2011

Wardrobe Rehab

I am I the only one that can't face undertaking a wardrobe rehab project along the lines of that done by A Pair and a Spare? Since moving out I now have two wardrobes full of clothes, one at home and one in London and I still have regular 'I have nothing to wear' moments. Yet this actually makes sense to me as I have in effect four different sets of clothes; Work clothes, going out clothes, casual clothes and extra casual clothes for exercising and lounging around at home. I do have regular culls of my wardrobe probably about every six months but they are pretty ineffective. I am not very good at throwing away. I would love to have a small cohesive wardobe in which everything was good quality, well fitting and made me feel fabulous but for me that would pretty much mean starting from scratch. I just can't do it.

This is the current state of my wardrobe at home. The one in London looks pretty similar.

Do I need help?

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Stella said...

If you need help, then I need a serious intervention. I have a lot of clothes, even after a purge. But I have to admit, I'm trying to lose weight, (gained 20 pounds in the course of thesis and moving out), so when I get to my goal weight, I will sell/donate what doesn't fit, etc.

In any given case, you should just sell/donate/remake those things that you haven't worn over a year/have bad memories of/don't fit. They're just holding you back. Unless they have a big sentimental load on them for you (belonged to a dear family member or friend, etc), then they're just taking up space.