Saturday, 31 March 2007

Facebook Archive - Things We Learned In Our First Year At Uni

* things we learnt, good english is not one of them!

Finally got round to typing it up

1) Vodka and Cherryade is good

2) Peanuts make you drink more (because of the salt)

3) University students can not do the Daily Mirrior crossword

4) It is possible, but not advisable, to do four essay in four days

5) There will always be washing up in a university flat

6) You will NOT do all the reading for your course, no matter how good your intentions - but it doesn't matter because all you have to do in the first year is pass

7) 'I have never' can be a dangerous drinking game

8) Sex is almost always the main topic of conversation - how many people do you need for it to be called an orgy? 5?

9) Your flat mate can write an essay drunk and still get a higher mark than you

10) Cans of bake beans are surprisingly fagile, especially when thrown down the corridor, and the stain never quite comes out of the carpet.

11) You will need your old school uniform at least three times a year!

12) 'did you sneeze?' private joke - couldn't resist

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