Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Myspace Archive - Filling Time

So yer this blogging thing, turns out I really can't be that bothered with it. That is what diaries are for. But as it turns out I have a few spare minutes on a computer, so I thought a update might be in order. I'm currently in a little village in East Sussex visting my aunty with my mum, only for a couple of days, we can't leave the horses any longer. I just came back from a fantastic weekend at A's. We went to the beach at Clacton on Sunday, where we went to the aquarium where I was very brave and got very close to some big coi carp and we went swimming in the sea! Was kinda cold at first, but great once you were used to it. I haven't been swimming let alone in the sea for so long I really enjoyed it. Well thats about it really, other details are meant for the private diary I'm afraid!

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