Friday, 31 October 2008

Wear It Pink

Wore pink to work today along with the rest of the girls to raise money for breast cancer. However I had to write an I.O.U. for my donation having left my purse in the car and also scrounge some money for lunch. I nearly went all out, wearing a pink scarf, earrings and makeup, but in the end I didn’t have time for the makeup, decided the earrings were tacky and that the scarf was the wrong shade of pink. So I stuck with just the pink top and socks.

I spoke to quite a few stroppy people at work today. I always vow after doing these kinds of jobs to be nicer to the other people doing them in the future, but I never manage it. If I’ve got a problem and the other person can't help I get stroppy myself. It helps me to think of it this way and allows me to forgive the callers their stroppiness. I know it’s not personal and I just have to get on with it. However I think I must have developed a good ‘don’t shout at me, I’m about to cry’ voice to go with the ‘please don’t shout at me, it’s not my fault’ face I developed when waitressing.

Finally, Happy Halloween! Interestingly this is actually one of my favourite holidays, I enjoy dressing up in a scary but somewhat slutty way and running amok in the dark. Not that I’m doing anything tonight. Mother doesn’t not agree with ‘threatening people for sweets’ and with the little English country village I live in a real life vampire is about as likely to knock on the door as a bunch of trick and treaters.

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