Monday, 30 November 2009

Charity Shop Shopping

Back in the UK I hit the charity shops during my first shopping spree for six months. It was good! I normally try and post the prices of iteams I thrift but this little spree happened back in October so I'm going to have to use a certain amount of guesstimation. Everything was around the £4.50-£5 mark from what I remember, so not a lot of money.

Green velvet shirt. It is actually like a size 18 but I like the slouchy/luxe contrast this makes. £4.95

Black cardigan. This had shoulder pads when I bought it and I thought 'A cardigan? With shoulder pads? Awsome, I must buy it.' However when I got home I realised why you don't find many cardigans with shoulder pads so I ripped them out. Now it is a nice thick cardigan with gold buttons. £4.50. And yes those are jeggings that I am wearing. I still don't know why I have such a love of all things skinny and legging related when my thighs are my least favourite part of my body but I do.

High waisted velvet skirt. Loving the velvet at the moment. £4.50. I'm also wearing the gold watch from a random antiques shop in Kazakhstan, blogged briefly here.

Actually a mens cardigan. I love the colour and pattern plus the slouchy shape. Perfect for the festive period. £4.95

Random 80's jacket with gold detailing and fabric insert at bust. Shame it doesn't show too well on the photo. £4.50

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