Saturday, 19 December 2009


Oh yes, I organised my buttons. It's okay I know I have a problem.

BUT there was a good reason for this. I was hunting out buttons to use in my Christmas crafting. (Which isn't going well by the way. Progress has been halted by impending job application deadlines and lack of materials. Materials that I can't get because even if I had the time the recent snow has put a downer on any travel plans. Sometimes I hate living in the country) Anyway I didn't actually use any buttons in the end but during my hunting it was a total pain trying to remember if I still had the clothes to which the buttons related. Therefore I spent the next couple of hours going through my wardrobe matching up buttons to garments and then labeling them. Now I just need to remember to do it whenever I get new buttons.

N.B. Obviously as you can see from the picture my labeling was not limited just to buttons but also included thread and sequins etc. It was just easier to refer to everything as buttons.

Yer, I may need to get a life.

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