Wednesday, 6 January 2010

OMG I Forgot About Halloween

I completely forgot to blog about my Halloween costume this year. I think it's because I was still busy chronicling my Global Xchange experience. Or maybe I had just finished and was taking a rest from blogging. Whatever I'm doing it now.

I started off making up a dress in cheap white cotton using the Multisize Coffee Date Dress pattern from burdastyle. I used this pattern as I've been wanting to try it out for a while, even more so every time another member adds their version. It looked like the sort of shape that would suit my figure and I'm pleased that I tried it. The shape does suit me and the bodice part is a really good fit for me. I hoping to make the dress soon in a better fabric or perhaps use the bodice part of the pattern and fix it to a different skirt. Was also my first attempt at adding an invisible zipper which turned out pretty well once I figured out which side of the fabric to pin it to first.

I didn't bother finishing it properly with the facings, ruffle or even a hem as next I did this to it...

I burnt, ripped and added smoke damage to the bottom hemline and neckline using scissors and a candle to give that 'fallen from heaven and touched by the fires of hell look'. I then covered it with drips and smears of my home made fake blood. A mix of golden syrup, red and blue food colouring, coca powder and water. It was kind of sticky even after it dried!

I then made myself a pair of fabric fallen angel style wings. I posted a tutorial for these here on cut out and keep.

So here's the finished product accessoried with studded belt and patent hells. Honestly the dress doesn't look such a great fit in the photo because it is being pulled this way and that by the belt and the elastic on the wings which I made too short. It was the first time I've made my own costume and I'm really pleased with it. So much cheaper and unique than a store bought one. I would definitely do it again. Plus it is also a great relatively risk free way of trying out new patterns.

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