Sunday, 25 April 2010

Week Eight Refashions

I've been on fire this week (compared to the last few weeks at least). Not only have I completed my reasonably happy mistake top, I have done two refashions and sewn a slip from scratch.

I picked up this skirt in my charity shopping spree just before the start of my pledge for £1.

Top Dorothy Perkins
Skirt Refashioned by Me
Socks Boots
Shoes New Look
Short Necklace Vintage from my Grandmother
Long Necklace 'Do You Love Me?' Made by Me

All it needed was a good ironing and a significant amount hacked off the hem to make it a cute high waisted floral skirt. The hem is pretty wonky as I did this refashion in just half and hour. Luckily it doesn't notice when I'm wearing it as far as I can tell.

This is another item that I picked up in my spree. It was £4 from Sense. Originally St. Michaels (or M & S).

Dress Refashioned by Me
Necklace Scissors charm on silver chain
Shoes Dorothy Perkins

I removed the shoulder pads, rehemmed it a lot shorter and ruched the sleeves by sewing three lines of running stitch in them (two at the top and one under the arm), gathering them and then sewing in place by hand. I also added another eyelet to the belt. It wasn't really needed by I just wanted to find out how to do it. This is my favourite refashion that I have done so far.

I also made myself this slip. It is specifically designed to go under this dress as the front always rides up on my tights. I decided it would be a good time to practice a new technique...

...That is a french seam people. One area where my sewing has improved a lot since I first started is the neatness on the 'unseen' parts of garments. I used to not even bother turning the hem over twice and how spend half my time cutting loose fibers out of my earlier projects.

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Trisha said...

I love the refashioned skirt! It's hard to believe that your cute version came from that long skirt-- they look completely different!