Wednesday, 9 December 2009


My recent post about the paper bag skirt fail that I created from the green anda dress I was never happy with got me thinking about other projects which I have made and then subsequently deemed inadequate. Here is the run down of projects that eventually found themselves in the scraps bag.

My first project since GCSE textiles where I made a hideous short green shiny baggy t-shirt (my mums fault, she chose the fabric) and a felt wall hanging. This was just a rectangle of material secured with stick on velcro. No matter how I wore it I could never sort out the pulling around the top. Hence it did not live up to my expectations and the fabric minus the velcro sits in my scrap bag to this day.

I actually used a pattern for this skirt and met with much more success however I never felt that this fabric really worked as a skirt, for a start it didn't match anything in my wardrobe. What I really wanted to make was a 60's style shift dress. In my naivety and inspired a recent purchase of the book 'Yeah, I Made it Myself' I thought I could draft such a simple pattern myself. I couldn't. The dress was far too small and didn't come anywhere close to meeting at the back. I had a bash at creating a dress with a low back using a mix of saftey pins and velcro before accepting failure. The fabric by the way was an old pair of curtains.

My second attempt at dafting a dress pattern. I made it much bigger with the effect that the zipper at the back turned out to be more decoration than anything. I kinda liked the bell shape I ended up with with this dress. I even wore it out once. Problem was it was much too short.

Another dress made from a basic pattern suggested in 'Yeah, I Made it Myself'. I wore this outside my home a couple of times too though again it was too short. As my sewing skills increased however so did my taste.

Another case of 'it was pretty good for what I could do at the time but I can do a lot better now.' I thought that the ribbons and raw edges would look pretty and vintage. In fact it looked like I had tied a ripped old curtain around me which is pretty much what I had done.

My first dress made from a real pattern. A great improvement I think you'll agree. Problem was I always felt that it looked like a cleaning lady's apron.

I really wanted a tartan skirt so I made one but whenever I tried to wear it I always felt I looked like I was dressing up as a school girl. I still have it; In the dressing up box.

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