Thursday, 15 July 2010

I Love Tights But We Don't Get On.

I ripped my bow tights taking them off after the first time I wore them, back in high school there was an awful incident involving a thin pair of tights and a coat which had velcro, and now this! I bought these tights a couple of weeks ago from New Look.

Image from New Look

I was trying them on for the first time and a massive hole appears in the ankle and ladders up the leg. I hadn't even got them on properly! I've convinced myself there must have been a fault with them as I didn't feel them catch or anything but there's no way I could prove it. Part of me wonders whether it is worth spending more on tights as they might be better quality, I haven't damaged my Henry Holland tights yet, but it will be all the more upsetting if I ladder an expensive pair of tights. Sheer tights can be so pretty but I think for economys sake I should stick to my trusty 60 deniers.

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